Start from the B2B buyer. Envision their view, then plan an end-to-end journey of their experience.

The following is not an exhaustive list, but they highlight some basic techniques for engaging the changing B2B Buyer. The list is an extract from our latest Tactical Planning eBook . Click here if you would like to request a copy.

1. Step into your customers’ shoes and create buyer personas that will help you to create relevant and consistent marketing messages.

2. Differentiate your product or service and build brand awareness.

3. Reduce the feelings of risk and build trust with prospects.

4. Pay attention to their emotional needs. Only get sales engaged once they’re qualified, sales-ready prospects.

5. Provide prospects with sufficient, valuable content that is relevant and will guide/educate them through the buying process.

6. Be where the prospects ‘hang-out’, social media networks, blogs, forums, professional groups.

7. Listen to what non-prospects are saying about your market on social media, and use what they say to enhance your brand story and content.

8. Make the most of available marketing tools to track and monitor inbound success; Google Analytics, social/buzz monitoring, marketing automation and CRM applications.

Matt Rippon - Creative Director The Seer Agency
In addition to looking after The Seer Agency, being the creative, writer, tactical planner and technology know-it-all that he is – Matt has a varied range of interests that take up the rest of his time; scuba diving, astrophotography, white-water kayak racing and anything to do with vineyards and winemaking. But if you'd prefer to keep it business, take a look at his Linkedin page.