Whichever way you lean, lean towards video.

The majority of online video content is created as short bite-sized snippets. Not only is this content different from typical TV content, but the way we view it is different. We lean back for television. We lean forward for online. And with the knowledge that we only remember 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, but an incredible 70% of what we both see and hear – it’s no surprise that video has quickly become a must have for B2B marketing departments.

New production methods, tools and knowledge remove concerns of video being expensive, time consuming and un-trackable. No longer do you need to have a room full of producers, directors, and lighting, sound and wardrobe specialists to deliver a 2 minute product walkthrough.

Put video in your basket of tactics for 2014! And then give us a call – 07920 060347!

Matt Rippon - Creative Director The Seer Agency
In addition to looking after The Seer Agency, being the creative, writer, tactical planner and technology know-it-all that he is – Matt has a varied range of interests that take up the rest of his time; scuba diving, astrophotography, white-water kayak racing and anything to do with vineyards and winemaking. But if you'd prefer to keep it business, take a look at his Linkedin page.