Top tips that help marketing low demand products more effective.

1. Who has bought the product in the past and why? Current customers can tell you a lot that’s not revealed in analytics. Survey customers, sales people and customer service reps for the company to identify the company’s perception of their unique selling proposition and the actual reasons customers buy.

2. Segment buyers by common characteristics, pain points, goals and behaviors. Get in the mind of the customer and understand why, how and where they buy.

3. Map the Buyer Sales Cycle from Awareness to Interest to Consideration and Purchase. What kind of content, search keywords and social topics are relevant to guide the buyer through the sales cycle (or better still, attract them from other companies selling the same thing).

4. Go horizontal and get creative with a wide variety of variations on keywords.  A keyword with a really low popularity count that is very high on relevancy only needs one sale to be profitable in many cases. Think about that and go wide for every situation there might be for buying the product.

5. Create a cycle of continuous monitoring, measurement and refinement that allows you to adapt and scale successes.

If you can think past keywords and get into the mind of the customer, their problem to be solved and the sales cycle they go through, you can develop an effective content marketing program that leverages search and social media to attract traffic, engage prospects and inspire both sales and social shares.  That’s the Optimized way of online marketing.

What tactics do you use to market your low demand (or so called 'boring') products and services? And if you need any help in creating your niche marketing proposition or tactical marketing plan, please get in touch.

Matt Rippon - Creative Director The Seer Agency
In addition to looking after The Seer Agency, being the creative, writer, tactical planner and technology know-it-all that he is – Matt has a varied range of interests that take up the rest of his time; scuba diving, astrophotography, white-water kayak racing and anything to do with vineyards and winemaking. But if you'd prefer to keep it business, take a look at his Linkedin page.